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Две идентичных линнии для производства сэндвич-панелей

Sandwich panel manufacturing plant XBJ-II A Laminator. Две идентичных линнии для производства сэндвич-панелей. Цена за обе линии. Year 2002. price: FCA Incoterms 2010 - 36 000 € (each) 2 pieces SANDWICH PANEL PRODUCTION PLANT The system is particularly well suited for the production of light laminated panels. The system consists of one Feeder system (conveyor belt) for the material, a cutting system, a profile system and an electronic one Control system. The system has a length of 20 m, a width of 2.6 m and a height of 3 m, the total weight the system is around 4.5 t. The power consumption of the system including the heat output is 36 KW. The material to be used for the inner layers is flame-retardant polystyrene or other light weight Thermal insulation materials. The sheet is joined to the polystyrene by applying portions of glue to the Polystyrene stably bonded together under pressure and heat. The panels have very good physical properties such as heat and noise insulation, moisture resistance, Flexural and compressive strength as well as mechanical properties. The length of the laminated panels is arbitrary and adjustable according to customer requirements. The color of the panels is variable and depending on the color of the sheets used. - Power consumption of the system (with heating system): 36 KW - Working temperature: the optimal temperature for the manufacture of the panels is around 25 ° C. - Production speed: 1.5-3 m / min depending on the temperature (optimally 25 ° C) and type of glue. - Material: galvanized sheet metal on rolls, sheet thickness 0.3-0.6 mm and a width of 1200 mm. - Power supply: 380V50Hz - max.motor power: 45 KW - Compressed air: 7 bar Dimensions of the laminated panels: Model 1: - Width 800mm-1200mm x thickness 20mm-300mm Model 2_ - width 1150 mm x thickness 50 mm-150 mm (adjustable) The length of the laminated panels is arbitrary, the color depends on the color of the sheet metal used. Production line consists of: - Unwinding device - feeding system - coating - cutting device - gluing - Extractor device - stacking device. - electronic control system (Mitsubishi)
Цена: 70000 EUR (без стоимости доставки)
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